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The Libyan Tragedy: History will avenge

by Nilotpal Basu It was a grotesque spectacle. The picture of a mutilated face – almost flattened like a piece of parchment paper – and that was flashed all over the world – beamed to millions of television viewers and newspaper … Continue reading

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Is time travel possible?

Yes. In fact we all are time travelers traversing through time. As every second, every minute passes by, we are in fact traveling through time. So the key question is, can one travel through time at a different rate than … Continue reading

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Economic Terrorism

This video precisely talks about how the capitalist super power exploits the entire world for their own selfish benefits. They are the real source of all troubles and the sad this is that they never would want to accept that … Continue reading

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Rewiring the brain

A leading neuroscientist says processing digital information can rewire your circuits. But is it evolution? A new study by UCLA neuroscientist Gary Small says that technology change our brains. And according to Small’s new book, “iBRAIN: Surviving the Technological Alteration … Continue reading

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Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

The forms taken by lord Vishnu in his ten incarnations bear a strange similarity to Darwin’s theory of evolution. But before you read any further, I would like to add a word or two about myself. If you think I … Continue reading

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What if…

What if we had a different world all together… what if there were no killings… what if there were no robbery… what if there were no cheating other people… what if there were no sexual harassment… what if there were … Continue reading

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What is maya

In Vedic philosophy, maya (Sanskrit: ma: not, ya: this) is the illusion of a limited, purely physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has become entangled, a veiling of the true, unitary Self. One must seek to “pierce … Continue reading

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An Eastphalian Order

Numerous experts have argued that the deepening global financial crisis has significantly damaged U.S. power, influence and credibility in the world and perhaps even signals the end of two centuries of U.S. and European dominance of international affairs. As many … Continue reading

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Barack Obama – The ”New American” President

Its official. Barack Hussein Obama II is the President-elect of the United States of America. He made history (or has broken it) by becoming the first black to be elected US president, defeating Republican McCain. Obama won at least 338 … Continue reading

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